Automotive Window Films

“Upgrade your vehicle’s look with an extra layer of protection”

The Pink Auto Shop is the one stop solution provider for all your Automotive Window Film requirements. Installation of high quality, durable and contemporary looking Window Films,not only will provide safety, comfort and privacy, but also improves the aesthetics of your vehicle while giving a stylish look. As a leading auto care service specialist, we partner with the best and premium global brands to ensure that you are provided with world-class tint and film solutions at competitive prices along with unrivaled service and professionalism. Getting a flawless, high-grade window film application properly and professionally done will benefit in numerous ways.

  • Effective prevention of harmful UV rays, keeping the vehicle cool while at drive as well as when parked for hours.
  • Anti-glare properties make the drive safe and stress free.
  • A cost-effective and durable method of improving the look of your windows as well as increasing the security and comfort.
  • Reduces energy consumption, emissions and fuel wastage by maintaining the cool temperature without increased usage of Air Conditioning.
  • Preservation of interiors from fading caused by solar rays.
  • Heat reduction without reflection
  • Low reflectivity window films, improve your visibility in bright conditions.
  • Great selection of shades and finishes and professional installation.


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    • July 7, 2019