Automotive Wrapping & Foiling

“Protect and personalize your car with a Wrap”

If you are interested in giving your vehicle a completely fresh, unique look, while protecting exterior, Car Wrapping and Foiling is a perfect choice. As your vehicle is a reflection of your individuality, personalizing the look of the vehicle is an exciting way to make an impact.

At the Pink Auto Shop, we offer premium high-quality, professional Automotive Wrapping and Foiling services with best products and finest workmanship, that not only will protect, but also enhances your car’s look. We have a great selection of colors, in both gloss and matt finishes which can turn your vehicle in to something magnificent.

  • Installation takes lesser time rather than repainting.
  • Low maintenance and easy to care for.
  • Customization is much easier with car wraps than with paint.
  • Protects the original paint from UV rays and scratches
  • Keeps the original paint intact, which results in higher resale value
  • Completely reversible and will not ruin the original paint.
  • Car wraps are weather and water resistant, lasting for many years without discoloration.


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    • July 7, 2019