Exterior Detailing


Paint Correction is a multi-step machine polishing process to restore and rejuvenate the paintwork of a vehicle with the help of special compounds and polishes by removing surface imperfections.

The Pink Auto shop offers quality assured Multi-Stage Paint Correction which results in a flawless, defect free finish while eliminating swirl marks or heavier paint defects. This multi stage procedure includes many levels of paint correction done by varying grades of compound and polishes along with varying time duration of machine correction.

  • Systematic inspection
  • Removal of heavy swirl marks and scratches caused by poor hand washing or automated washing
  • Up to 99% removal of all kinds of imperfections offered through many stages.
  • Full decontamination offered even for brand new vehicles direct from the dealership, which may have paint defects caused during storage and transportation.
  • Paint surface is then protected with highly durable sealants and waxes for long lasting protection.
  • Premium quality equipment and products are used in the process along with expert workmanship.


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    • July 7, 2019